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porsche 9444 1983 gold

1983 Porsche 944 full respray

This is a remarkable classic brand that we have extensive knowledge of. We advised the owner that the strip down and paint preparation process would reveal any problems that required attention. As with all projects of this nature the key to a successful outcome is close liaison with the owner. We advised and demonstrated to the owner that the main problem areas were the two front wings which had so much filler that replacements were required and the sill’s and areas around the front bumper and bezels where replacement would produce a better outcome. 

The owner sourced and supplied the required replacement parts which we fitted and painted. We were pleased to be involved with this project which resulted in an incredibly pleased, proud and grateful client who has agreed to provide a reference should it be required for our future clients, addtional photos are shown below and in our Photo Gallery

porsche classic car body repairs

porsche wing repairs

porsche 944 primed and painted

porsche 944 restoration wirral

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