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Insurance approved we offer Body Panel and Paint Repairs for many vehicles, no matter how major or minor the damage is, we cater for all types of damage from scratches, dents and paint blemishes ensuring that your car, van etc is once again on the road and cosmetically looking good. We understand how a repair refelects the value of your car and that's why we focus on attention to detail delivering a paint finish like no other. 

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porsche 944 respray

1983 Porsche 944 Full Respray In Orginal Colour
This Porsche came to us for a full respray after being stood for just over a year. From start to finish we kept intouch with the owner as with the nature of these projects the estimate can change as progress moves forward...... 


white ferrari paint job

Classic Ferrari Full Respray
This Ferrari came to us for a full respray from start to finish we'll be keeping intouch with the owner as with the nature of these projects the can become more involed depending on the level of respray required by the owner...... 


bentley gt wing repair

Bentley Continental Wing and Bumper Repair
This Bentley came to us for a Wing and Bumper Repair and Paint after it had a few stone chips etc, using the paint code we match the colour repair the bumper and paint to a finish that makes the car look nice once again from the front....... 


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